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Paleo Products


Products in this category are those endorsed by respected Paleo researchers and commentators.

Most followers of the Paleo lifestyle rightly focus on good diet and exercise first and foremost. The reality is that when we exercise, especially if we train hard or with a specific goal, even a good diet can benefit from a little support. It can also be hard to get sufficiently nutrient dense food needed to help us achieve our health and wellness goals.
Key nutrients like Zinc and Magnesium are harder to get in our diets now days and often poorly absorbed due to the complex interplay between our diets and the microbial health of our stomachs. 

Getting enough high quality oily fish is a struggle and a main reason why Omega 3 oils are so widely recommended.
Grass fed whey protein is also very popular in both Paleo and Cross-fit circles so for this reason we have included some of our grass fed whey proteins from Reflex and Musashi in this category.

For those who eschew artificial additives our pure unflavoured 100% whey concentrate and 100% whey isolate are cost effective alternatives. 

For those of you worried about the use of soy lecithin as an emulsifier (it stops the whey from clumping and is not the same thing as soy protein) we recommend you check out Chris Kresser’s thoughtful discussion on this subject

Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple posted about the general health benefits of Whey as well - it is clearly not just for bodybuilders or hardcore cross fitters.

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