Exercise For Fat Loss

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Exercise For Fat Loss

How do you burn fat?

By maintaining muscle tone! Fat is actually burnt in the energy creation system of the muscle tissue itself. So, what we really want to try and achieve is the loss of body fat itself. Measure the inches and do the skin fold test. Don’t just use the scales!

All weight loss programs will work better if you exercise. Dieting alone will produce loss of weight but often there is a also corresponding loss of muscle tissue.

This is why it is so important to maintain an adequate protein intake while on a fat stripping program, because protein will help you preserve muscle tissue, and exercise to maintain body tone.

Hydration is also a very important factor in fat loss programs.

The sort of exercise you do for Fat Loss really depends on several factors:

How fit are you?
How old are you?
Do you suffer from any medical conditions?
How much time do you have?
What are your work and family circumstances?

Program Suggestion

The classic weight loss prescription - If you can do cardio work at a decent heart rate for at least 45 mins four times a week this is ideal. To maintain muscle tone some form of resistance exercise is also excellent.

Some people subscribe to the three days cardio exercise and three days weight training per week. This is a more demanding regime but probably a better way to build both strength and fitness.

This sort of regime will not suit everyone.

For some people this would be too little, for others this amount of exercise would seem far too much and
overwhelming. You have to decide exactly how much you are prepared to do.

To Gym or not to Gym?

Some people like to go to a gym because they may find they can't get motivated to exercise at home. Others they just like the stimulation of people doing the same thing around them.

They may also prefer to have a variety of equipment to use that they could not afford to buy or would have no room at home to store.

They prefer to have expert advice on hand so that they can modify or correct their technique and people to share ideas with.

It's easier to train if everyone else is pumped to train, you may like having someone around to 'spot' your lifts, when you are pushing out some challenging reps.

Some people may be lucky enough to have their gym around the corner from their work and can go before work or after they finish.

Exercise at Home

Others may have young children at home and find it too difficult to get some form of childcare organised to go out. For them having a home treadmill or gym is a great option because they can burn off the kg's while watching the TV and the children. Others may work long hours and find it more convenient.

Certainly with the cost of petrol having a gym at home is a good cost saver in the long term, but remember that just buying a piece of equipment is not enough to help you lose weight, only using it will!

Personal Trainers

This decision is entirely up to you. There is no doubt many people feel that they would not have achieved their goals without the advice and inspiration of their personal trainers.

This option brings a more creative element into your training. It may be just what you need to get back into an exercise program if you haven't been exercising for a long time and are finding it hard to motivate yourself to get back into the rhythm again.

Social Exercise

Some people may prefer a more social form of exercise like tennis or a team sport with a local team. There are plenty of amateur organisations to join and participate in whatever activity you are into.

Local running and walking groups are always looking for new members. Hiking or bushwalking in the outdoors, or cross-country skiing can be a wonderful form of exercise. Dancing is a great way to meet people and lose weight.

Set Programs or a Variety of Activities?

For some, variety is the best option and they prefer to do a wide range of different activities as they get too bored with one thing. They prefer to change their activity regularly, or swap between outdoor sports when the weather is fine, and indoor when it is cold and wet.

For others, having a set gym or exercise program is just what they like. They follow the same type of workout program each week to easily monitor their progress via heart rate monitors. They love writing down figures and get excited by being able to record their increasingly good results.

By doing the same program they can tell whether they are making progress and having a high-energy week, or whether they are having on off week and just can't seem to get it together. For others the figures and repetition of the same program would be too rigid.

Exercise in Daily Life

Incorporate calorie burning into daily life. Walk to the shops or your work instead of driving. Do some gardening or mow the lawn. Walk the dog. Remember - it all adds up!

The Fitness Points Pyramid

Get moving!
Do it consistently!
Do it three or four times a week !
Do it for long enough to burn some fat!
Choose types of exercise that you enjoy and can continue with!
You may need a fitness assessment to see what entry point you should start at!
Keep options available if weather or seasons prevent you from doing your routine!
Don't go back to an exercise program without proper medical advice about your health!

Many people without the true commitment to become healthier would prefer not to exercise, and seek their weight loss solutions in a pill.

Supplements may help, but we also have to take personal responsibility for our health.

Remember the motto

'If it is to be, it’s up to me'

Good Luck!

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