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How to order


1. Register or Login to the system.

2. Fill detail.

3. Choose the product you want by looking at the categories, for example, Protein Powders.

4. Choose the product you want.

5. Choose flavour, size, number then click Add to Cart

6. Check the accuracy of the list, number, amount. If you need to remove any products, press the "X" to remove it from the list. To select more products. Select the Categories list, click on the above. When the cart are corrected, press Checkout.

7. Specifies the address that registered with the site.

8. Specifies the address for delivery.

9. Choose payment method.

10. Check for accuracy again. If all corrected, press confirm order.

11. When the transaction is complete, a message showed. We will contact back for order confirmation and delivery address.

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