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  • 60 500mg Pure L Carnitine capsules  

  • Safe and Effective Fat Burner

  • Prevents Fatigue and Increases Stamina

  • Supports Heart Health

  • Useful for both weight training and cardio

  • 2-4 500mg capsules Before Exercise and in Morning


L-carnitine is a conditionally-essential amino acid necessary for energy and fat metabolism, which is synthesised in the liver by the amino acids lysine and methionine.


Within the diet, it is found in meat and dairy products.


Most of the fat burner products on the market have very little scientific evidence to prove they are both safe and effective. None of them has been as well researched as L-Carnitine - there are literally hundreds of scientific studies showing that it helps not only to reduce our fat stores but it also increases our energy levels and aids in the building of muscle.


Apart from its main use as a fat burner, there are also many studies showing L-Carnitine can be of assistance to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and diabetes. L-Carnitine also enhances cardiovascular health and helps lower cholesterol levels.


This amazing product works by transporting the fatty acids that are stored in our bodies to the mitochondria in our muscles. It allows the stored fat to be used as energy by moving it into our bloodstream. The effect of this is that the energy locked up in our fat stores is released and can be burned off when we exercise – the result is that we have more energy and increased resistance to fatigue.


While L-Carnitine has traditionally been taken before cardio it should also be used before weight training as some studies show it can enhance recovery and reduce muscle fatigue.


In addition, L-Carnitine, may also delay the onset of fatigue, asit removes short chain fatty acids and these may suppress energy metabolism upon accumulation. L-Carnitine also has an anti-oxidant effect whereby it buffers a number of free radical by-products produced via cell metabolism.


As a minimum, it is recommended to consume at least 3-4 capsules about 20 minutes before exercise. It is also a good idea to take at least 2 L-Carnitine capsules in the morning in order to kick-start your metabolism, even if you are not exercising until the afternoon. It is not recommended to take L-Carnitine before going to bed as the unlocking of stored fat may interfere with sleep.


After taking L-Carnitine most people will notice that they start to feel a little bit warm and they will probably notice they have more energy to exercise. This is a sign that the L-Carnitine is unlocking the fat and using it for fuel.


L-Carnitine is extremely safe and there are no side-effects. Unlike some of the more dangerous fat burning or pre-workout supplements, like Ripped Fuel or the now banned Jack3d, it does not cause the heart to speed up.


 Musashi L Carnitine capsules are GMO free and contain no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, egg, shellfish or preservatives.


Despite an article in the NY Times implicating red meat and L-Carnitine in heart disease, the overwhelming number of studies show it is not only safe but actually helps to improve cardiovascular health. The Mayo Clinic published meta analysis of studies showing that L-Carnitine has multiple heart health benefits for heart attack sufferers. Furthermore, the study covered in the New York Times article has been criticized as not large or complex enough to support the conclusions trumpeted in the press. See for example, this short piece in and a more detailed analysis by Chris Kresser


Musashi’s Carnitine capsules are the only 100% pure Carnitine capsules on the market in Thailand. Pure Carnitine capsules have a propensity to absorb moisture from the air so in hot climates like Thailand capsules can occasionally burst. A burst capsule will result in a fine powder in your tub and lot of it will be visible on the other capsules. It can be a bit messy but is nothing to be concerned about. To minimize the risk of this we recommend you keep your Musashi Carnitine capsules in a cool, dry place. If this is not possible we recommend you consider our Reflex Carnitine Tartrate capsules as this form of Carnitine is more stable in hot, humid climates.


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