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Our Service

How Do I Make Payment?

At Our Office — You may use credit cards at our office and can also pay by cash. There are ATM machines at the top of soi 31 and also at the Max Value about 300 meters away. Please remember we operate during normal office hours so are not open after 5pm and are closed on the weekends. Click here for our address and a map to our office.

Bangkok — Cash on delivery is only available in central Bangkok as the stock is delivered by our messenger. Even if you live in a relatively central part of the city we may use a service such as Kerry Express. In that case you won’t be able to pay the delivery company so will need to use another payment option when checking out. If you live on the outskirts of the city then we will almost certainly send by EMS or Kerry Express and you'll normally get the goods the next business day. Bangkok customers can also pay by Internet transfer, ATM payment, Paypal, and direct deposit into one of our company accounts. These methods are best if you are not going to be at home when our messenger is delivering your products. If you live in an apartment you can leave the money with the reception but you must be sure they can be trusted with your cash and to take care of your order.

Provinces — Cash on delivery is not available outside Bangkok as we rely on 3rd party companies to deliver for us and they won't accept payment on our behalf. In the provinces you should select transfer by ATM, Internet transfer, Paypal, counter service or deposit directly into one of our company accounts.

If you want to transfer directly to one of our company accounts, see the details below. Please always let us know after you've paid so that we know it is ok to send your order out.

Siam Commercial Bank (Savings) - Asoke Branch - 0324334319
Account Name: Thai Sports Supplements Co.,Ltd.
Swift Code : SICOTHBK

Bangkok Bank (Savings) - Asoke Montee Branch - 9250011658
Account Name: Thai Sports Supplements Co.,Ltd.
Swift Code : BKKBTHBK


How are the goods sent?

Bangkok — For customers who live in central Bangkok we will use our messenger and you can pay cash on delivery but it is usually easier to pay in advance by another payment option. If you chose cash on delivery when checking out be sure to add a note informing us of a suitable window when we can deliver. If there is someone such as a maid or the security staff at your building who will receive the goods and pay your behalf please let us know in advance and also provide their contact number if possible. For those who live in the outskirts of the city we will probably send the goods by EMS or Kerry Express and you will receive them the next business day. Always make sure the number you provide is correct and that the phone is turned on. Be on the lookout for a call at the time we are expected to deliver. 

Provinces — We normally deliver your supplements by the Thai postal service (EMS) or Kerry Express but if the order is large or bulky we will use one of the transportation companies that specialize in bulk goods. We will send you a tracking number to follow the shipment by e-mail late in the afternoon on the day the goods were sent from our office. In all cases please provide us with a full address and contact phone number. Be careful to include things like your room number (for condos), street number and village details etc. If you are not sure it is best to check an old bill for your condo fees or electricity. The delivery company may call you and if you are not fluent in Thai it is a good idea to provide the number of a Thai speaker who can describe exactly where you are. In most cases companies won’t deliver if they can’t reach you by phone so look out for calls from numbers you don’t know and always return any missed calls. 


How long will delivery take?

Bangkok — For customers in Bangkok who request cash on delivery we will normally deliver on the next business day. Our staff will call you first to check when you are available or to make sure arrangements have been made for the money to be left with someone if you are not at home. If you live on the outskirts of the city then we will probably send by EMS or Kerry Express and you'll normally get the goods the next day.

Provinces — Normally, your order will leave our office the next business day after you placed your order and you will receive the goods within 3 business days, often sooner. 

If you live on an island or a remote province (other than Phuket) extra time may be needed to allow for your order to be sent from the mainland by boat or trucked to the provinces. The companies that deliver around the islands, remote provinces and sometimes even larger towns have a set schedule and may only pass your area once or twice a week or at a set time each day. If they can't find you or you miss a call you will need to wait for the next visit. Please be patient.  If the goods arrive in your district just after the delivery company has made a visit to your area please allow a day or two extra for them to visit your home again. Having a fluent Thai speaker to help you is a good idea. And please be on the lookout for calls from an unknown number around the time you are expecting delivery. It will probably be the delivery company trying to contact you.

You can always call us (during normal office hours) if there are any problems and we will follow-up with the delivery company on your behalf but before you do that please return any missed calls. 


Which Cites and Provinces Do We Deliver To?

Our supplement delivery service covers all of Thailand. This means all we will send your proteins, amino acids, protein bars and other sports supplements to all the provinces, cities, towns and villages in the country.


Will Weekends and Holidays Affect Deliveries?

There are many days in Thailand where offices, banks and government agencies such as the post office are closed. On these days we will not be able to deliver your goods. Customers in the provinces and expatriates are often not aware of these breaks but need to keep them in mind. For example, if you order late afternoon on a Friday before a long weekend, we will only be able to send the goods the following Tuesday morning. It may then be another couple of days before you actually receive them, depending on exactly where you are in the country. We will always dispatch your order as fast as we can but there are other factors beyond our control and, as with many things in Thailand, it is best to be patient.

The Thailand Supplements Market

Comparison with other countries

Many people notice that in Thailand it possible to buy steroids and pharmaceuticals in some shops with no prescription but the range of protein powders and amino acids and capsules is far more limited. The rules governing all foods and drugs are very strict in Thailand and many products are prohibited due to having banned or unfamiliar ingredients. Thai FDA approval is required before any drug, food or cosmetic product can be legally sold in Thailand. The process is complex, time consuming and expensive. The fact that similar products, such as another brand of L-Glutamine powder, have received Thai FDA approval does not mean other brands can be imported without going through the same process. This tight regulation has resulted in a mushrooming of fake and dangerous products available in street stalls, informal websites and from private sellers. Many of these are dangerous and counterfeit. While the Thai market probably contains too many strict rules the positive side is that once a product is properly approved it is normally safe to consume. You still need to be aware of fake FDA licenses and stickers so always buy from official distributors or trusted retailers.

In comparison to Thailand the supplements market in many countries is far too lightly regulated. In the USA for example, the FDA does not need to approve a supplement before it is produced or imported. The boom in herbal remedies, health products and sport supplements has taken place in a regulatory vacuum and many people aren't aware that there is no control over claims and ingredients in most countries. Just because a protein powder or other supplement comes from a developed country, don't assume it is safe and effective. Most supplements companies buy their ingredients from places like China where there have been many problems with food and drug safety. There are even increasing numbers of American brands who have do little more than marketing and have shifted all production to places like China in order to save costs. The numerous deaths and positive steroid tests of professional athletes in recent years show the risks involved.  This article from 2013 in the New York Times illustrated just how serious the problem is.


Do supplements cost more in Thailand?

Visitors and expatriates in Thailand often ask about the perceived expense of supplements in Thailand. It is true that supplements like whey protein and creatine, like all imported goods in Thailand, usually cost more here than in their home markets. Transportation, VAT, import duties and margins for local retailers all add up. These factors alone can add 50-100% to the price we pay the manufacturers. Given these extra costs it's best to be suspicious if you see products claiming to be authentic imported sports supplements that are cheaper or priced very closely to the prices found overseas. Looking at it the other way, it would seem odd if you could buy a Thai beer or stir fry noodles in London at the same price as you can in Bangkok. Things simply cost more when they’re shipped and sold half way around the world. Thailand doesn’t make whey or things like Glutamine so these are always going to be imported.

Often the differences are not as much as people often think. Due to the cheap cost of living and food in Thailand amino acids and other supplements can look more expensive by comparison. Many Thais and Westerners living in Thailand survive on lower incomes than they would do in the west and this means the cost of buying imported products can take up a higher percentage of their disposable incomes.

It is also important to compare similar products when comparing prices. People often use a cheaper or low quality product as a basis for comparison. A tub of low quality whey protein bought in the US online should not be compared to a high quality grass fed whey isolate from Musashi or Reflex. In the end you get what you pay for so if a product is cheaper it is usually because it costs less to make and it cost less to make because it was made with lower quality ingredients.


General Buying Advice

The supplements market in Thailand is still in its infancy and the range of brands available is quite small but has grown a lot in the last few years. There have been numerous cases of counterfeit and dangerous supplements in Thailand so always buy from an official distributor that you trust. We strongly recommend against buying any supplement that is not Thai FDA approved and encourage you to check out all suppliers carefully, even those that claim to be selling "approved" whey proteins or food supplements.  Many of them are selling counterfeits or are small-scale resellers buying from shady suppliers either in Thailand or overseas. If they don’t have a direct relationship with the manufacturer don’t take the risk. All importers are required to have registered offices, approved storage facilities and range of other documents. Request these if you are in doubt. If you can’ find the importers address on its website or the products don’t have white Thai language stickers and a 13 digit Thai FDA number on them then something is probably wrong.

When comparing amongst Thai FDA approved whey proteins, creatine monohydrate, protein bars, capsules etc it is important to consider more than just the price of the tub. Take a close look at size of the tub and work out the number of servings. For  protein powders always calculate the protein percentage out of 100 grams. Many brands increase the serving size to trick customers into thinking they are getting a lot of protein per serve. Look at the nutrition panels and add up the numbers to make sure you are not buying a product with excess fats and sugars. This can be difficult due to the Thai rules requiring original nutrition panels to be covered but the reason for this is that often the labels of imported proteins and other supplements are simply not correct. All companies selling Thai FDA approved product should have copies of the various tests required by law so if in doubt contact them directly.  Most of the time the actual test results show a lot less protein and a lot more fat and sugar than the label claims. 


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